20 Jun 2020 / 11:00 PM GMT / 1 year ago

Burnout Rivals: The Sequel To Cleetus McFarland’s Freedom 500!

Recently, YouTube sensation Cleetus McFarland hosted his first pay-per-view event, the Freedom 500 – a “Redneck-style Daytona race” in Cleetus’ own words, which consisted of 21 NOS nitrous-equipped Ford Crown Victorias competing in a 100-lap race. The Freedom 500 was one of the last racing events to take place in Florida before the statewide COVID-19-related lockdown, and the event had a lot of people’s attention. “Hell Yeah Brother!” With the lockdown being lifted in his state, Cleetus is ready to start racing again at the Summit Racing Burnout Rivals event at the Freedom Factory on June 20, at 6:00 p.m. EST/3:00 p.m. PST.

Burnout Rivals will be a freestyle drift and burnout competition between Cleetus McFarland and his lineup of drivers, which includes Vaughn Gittin Jr., Chelsea Denofa, Adam LZ, Taylor Ray, and others. The competitors will be participating in four different events: a freestyle drift battle between all of the drivers, a 12-car burnout battle, a best 2-out-of-3 drift battle between Formula D teammates Gittin Jr. and Denofa, as well as a classic 1v1 burnout between Cleetus and his “rival” James.

In a fun bit of insanity, Cleetus and Summit Racing have teamed up together to build a Summit Delivery Burnout Van, complete with Summit livery and – we’ve heard – a bunch of Summit Racing boxes. The van is going to be involved in the Burnout Rivals event at the Freedom Factory. Where will the van appear? Your best guess is as good as ours, but one thing we know about Cleetus, it’s going to involve smoking tires and general automotive buffoonery.

Just like the Freedom 500, there will be an early bird discount for purchases made before the race for only $9.95 by clicking here. Purchase now, because the price will go up to $14.95 on the day of the event. Spectators will not be allowed at this event, so PPV is the only way to watch live, but this time, viewers at home will be able to participate even more by voting online for their favorite racer and who they think should win!

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