29 Nov 2019 / 4:00 PM GMT / 2 years ago

November 29th & 30th – The Daytona Beach Invitational Tournament

After a short break, Pass Tha Ball is back bringing you the Daytona Beach Invitational Tournament organized by Destination Basketball.

Destination Basketball creates Division I, II and III events for Women’s Basketball teams to enjoy competition on the court while also enjoying team bonding experiences off the court at a resort location. The events are operated at the highest standards and can be accommodated to any team’s budget and needs. Currently, they offer the Daytona Beach Invitational taking place at the Ocean Center.  Enjoy the convenience of walking across the street from the Hilton Resort to the Ocean Center.

In case you cannot make it, InPlayer has you covered. November 29th & 30th only at:

Full tournament and streaming schedule:

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