17 Sep 2020 / 10:00 PM GMT / 10 months ago

Dying Alone Ltd: Sofie Hagen: Therapy & Trauma

♪Let’s Talk About Therapy, Let’s Talk About OCD, Let’s Talk About All The Good Shrinks And The Bad Shrinks And PTSD, Let’s Talk About It ♪

Join Sofie Hagen as she talks EVERYTHING therapy and mental health and trauma and hear the story of the therapist who wanted her to pretend to be a dog, the one who was naked, the time she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, when she thought her sofa was going to kill her and all the little great snippets of advice she have picked up from all the various therapists she has seen throughout the years.

The stream starts at 9pm on 17th of September, and you can get your ticket here

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