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06 Jul 2019 / 8:00 PM GMT / 2 years ago

The Miss Global USA contestants pageant!

Miss Global USA is the official United States preliminary competition to Miss Global. The pageant aims to spread a message of love for all people from all backgrounds. It is not simply a competition, it’s a commitment. Women who compete in pageants are among the most dedicated, benevolent and intelligent women. It takes an enormous amount of integrity to compete in pageantry. The women who compete in Miss Global USA will serve as role models in their communities and ambassadors for diversity around the country. While under new directorship, Miss Global USA will provide young women with a platform to display their talents, interests, and intellect. The winner of this competition will go in to represent the United States at the Global competition. Miss Global USA encourages all women to pursue their dreams and make significant contributions to society no matter their race, culture or creed. The event is separated into a few categories, as follows:

Don’t miss your chance to follow this event via the live stream on all evenings only at:

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