14 Dec 2019 / 6:00 PM GMT / 2 years ago

MMA TV – Fight Star Championship 19

FightStar Championship is a Mixed Martial Arts promotion based in the UK. FightStar Championship was conceived by like-minded individuals with aims: to nurture the passion, desire, and FIGHT within aspiring warriors and to showcase fighting talents.

They are dedicated, determined and harness the desire to make FightStar Championship into formidable fight promotion. By utilizing their knowledge, experience, and skills they know exactly what it takes to give a fighter a platform and how to bring out the beast.

With their dedication and passion, FightStar Championship will continue to grow from strength to strength, their goal is to achieve and deliver only the highest standards with their Mixed Martial Arts Promotions, so be ready to experience the difference and see high performance delivered!

This weekend, don’t miss the FightStar Championship 19 returning to London on Saturday, December 14th at 6 PM. Only on the following link:

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