06 Oct 2019 / 4:00 PM GMT / 2 years ago

The Real Fight Promotion Open Cup from Lviv is on!

The Most Powerful Autumn Event: Real Fight Promotion International Tournament, Lviv Open Mixed Martial Arts Cup – Lviv Open Cup 2019! Support your favorite fighter on October 6 2019 at Malevich Night Club!

The tournament will be attended by fighters from different cities in Ukraine, as well as from South Africa, Armenia, Georgia, and Romania. The main highlight of the evening will be the battle for the title of champion of the League “Real Fight Promotion“, in the 61 kg weight category, between the champion of the RFP league – Andriy Khokhlov (Ukraine, Hoshcha) and the contender for the title Narek Bakhtavoryan (Armenia)!

Grab your ticket on the following link for a special price of $2.99:

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