29 Jun 2019 / 3:00 PM GMT / 2 years ago

An Invitational World-Class Surfing Event In Texas by Stab High!

Stab High: A Surfing Contest Mostly In The Air Returns

Deep-fried in the heart of Texas lies the world’s premier airwave at BSR Cable Park. We’re pleased to announce that we’re supporting with our paywall technology this dip in the pool for their second annual Stab High Surfing Contest.

A quick recap: In 2018, they enlisted 16 of the world’s best aerial surfers. They invited them to Waco, Texas, stuck them on a man-made wave and politely asked they spread their wings.

What they found that, without the slightest whiff of hyperbole, the air section at BSR is the best in the world. The competitors thrived in the pool, most never having stepped foot in Waco, Texas.

Now they’re doing it all over again on Saturday, June 29th.  If you can’t reach Texas, not to worry, we are providing you with a direct live stream of all the fun and party on the following link:!

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